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What is affiliate marketing?

As an online store, you may want to attract additional quality traffic. As an influencer you may want to monetize your following by promoting products that align with your values.

Affiliate marketing brings merchants and influencers together through the proven power of affiliate links, which are special URLs that link to a store or product, posted and promoted to the influencer's community. When clicked, Affiliatizer intelligently keeps track of any purchases arising from that link source.

When the sale is completed, the influencer earns a commission for having driven the sale. To help incentivize the influencer, the store may also offer a discount to the shopper.

Why choose Affiliatizer?

Aside from its broad range of products and partners, and an accessible entry barrier for influencers and stores alike, there is one other critical area where Affiliatizer stands apart: its sophisticated fraud protection.

Affiliate Marketing is not without its pitfalls. There are two types of fraudulent practice that affiliate networks are prone to: cookie stuffing and coupon directories.

  • Cookie stuffing is where an affiliate (influencer) runs a blog or website with a background script which silently redirects every visitor to the partner store via their affiliate link, without the visitor knowing. If at some point in the future that visitor just happens to then visit that store, the silent request will have left a cookie in their browser entitling them to the discount associated with that link. The influencer thereby earns a commission without having done anything to drive traffic to the store, but merely profiting from the co-incidence that the visitor happens to have visited both websites.
  • Coupon directories are useful when a shopper is at the store's checkout and does a web search to see if there are any active coupons that are applicable to the store they're on. Websites and even browser plugins that automatically scan and store coupons then suggest discounts codes for the store you happen to be in. Once again, the affiliate associated with that coupon has done nothing to drive that sale, since the shopper had made their own way to the store and checkout, but just finding and applying a coupon at the last minute.

Affiliatizer is dedicated to nurturing authentic and organic relationships between influencers and merchants. So to protect against these kinds of practice, Affiliatizer uses an advanced fraud-protection coupon mechanism whereby both the affiliate link needs to be followed and the corresponding coupon entered. Furthermore the coupon is first claimed through the affiliate link on the merchant's store and converted into a unique active voucher, which can be redeemed only once.