Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliatizer is a Shopify app that connects Shopify store owners with affiliates (influencers, content creators, bloggers, youtubers, etc.) through the use of special URLs to your store (affiliate links), along with a unique discount code. Affiliatizer keeps track of sales coming from an affiliate link and code, providing accounting and statistics.
Once the app is installed through the Shopify App Store, the merchant website will be listed on the Affiliatizer platform, which means that influencers will be able to evaluate the store and promote it. This is done by choosing a unique coupon code, which will generate a URL. The influencer can then publish or post that URL along with the code. If a visiter or follower clicks on that affiliate link, the Shopify app will detect this, leading the potential customer to a coupon code page where they can enter the code that came with the link. This is to prevent "cookie-stuffing" (see below). If the customer goes on to the checkout, the discount will be applied and Affiliatizer keeps track of this.
Affiliatizer is very easy to set up - just install the app from the Shopify App Store and you're good to go. In the Affiliatizer dahsboard (under the Shopify Admin's Apps page), the Coupons menu lets you set the discount offered to customers and the percentage reward given to the affiliate.
Affiliatizer is uses a fraud protection system that prevents cookie-stuffing and coupon directories, which means that sales are only counted if the customer makes a purchase knowingly through a promotional link.